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June, 2005
Fruit, vegetable juices may stall Alzheimer's disease, NutraIngredients, HTML
May, 2005
Fountain of Youth Discovered in Mouse Experiment? HalifaxLive, HTML
Study: Antioxidants May Lengthen Life, Fox News, HTML
March, 2005
Superfoods May Slow Aging, PR Newswire, HTML
Apples May Combat Bad Cholesterol, Yahoo News, HTML
An apple a day reduces breast cancer risk, says study, The Herald, UK, HTML
February, 2005
Sour Apples Extend Lifespan, Pravda, HTML
Alzheimer's drug is found to speed up mental decline, The Times, UK HTML
December, 2004
Apples May Keep Alzheimer's at Bay, Cornell Daily Sun, HTML
An apple a day could help protect against brain-cell damage, CU studies find, Cornell Chronicle, HTML
Antioxidants in apples prevents Alzheimer's disease, says study, News Target Network, HTML
Popular Alzheimer's Drug Found to Be All But Worthless in Independent Study, News Target Network, HTML
Apples contain phytochemical that prevents colon cancer,, HTML
November 2004
An apple a day could help protect against brain-cell damage that triggers Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism, Cornell studies find, Cornell News, PDF
Study: an Apple a Day Really Does Keep Doctor Away, ABC News, HTML
October 2004
An Apple a Day Could Keep Colon Cancer Away, Forbes, PDF
More Proof that an Apple Keeps the Doctor Away, Houston Chronicle, PDF
Apple polyphenols shown to reduce organ fat, Life Extension Foundation, PDF
How Apples Fight Colon Cancer,, PDF
An Old Adage About Apples Finds Scientific Backing, American Association for Cancer Research, PDF
An Apple a Day for Cancer Prevention, WebMD Medical News, HTML
December 2002
An apple a day or an onion or collard greens - News Digests - plant substance quercertin provides health benefits, Nation's Restaurant News, HTML
September 2002
Apple a Day Gets Rid of Doctor and More, WebMD Medical News, HTML
July 2002
Antioxidant-Rich Diets Improve Age-Related Declines In Mental Function Of Rats, Science Daily, HTML
January 2002
Vitamin C prevents cancer by blocking hydrogen peroxide, but apple chemical works even better, Cornell and Korean scientists report, Cornell News, PDF
June 2001
Apple juice is heart healthy, Prepared Foods, HTML
May 2001
Smokers, Take Note: An Apple a Day May Reduce Risk of Common Lung Ailment, U.S. Apple Association, HTML
March 2001
Natural Substances In Fruits And Vegetables May Be Potential Treatment For Prostate Cancer, Science Daily, HTML
February 2001
UC Davis Study Finds Heart Benefits from Apples & Juice, UC Davis News, HTML
August 2000
Chemicals in apples slow cancer growth in lab tests, scientists report, CNN, PDF HTML
June 2000
An Apple a Day, ScienCentralNews, HTML
An Apple a Day May Really Keep the Doctor Away, WebMD Medical News, HTML
Phytochemicals in apples have anti-cancer benefits, Cornell Chronicle, PDF
April 1999
UC Davis Study Shows 100 Percent Apple Juice is More Nutritious than Previously Thought, UC Davis News, HTML
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